Paperback Augmented Health(care)™ : “the end of the beginning”


What is happening in Health(care) ?

This book is about the digital transformation that healthcare is facing. It’s not a prediction, not a blueprint nor is it a manual.  But it is giving some insights on what is happening to health(care) and how you might best prepare for the future that’s coming. It addresses all levels of healthcare like physicians, nurses, patient’s, family but also IT departments, administrators and governments. As the world spins around at an ever-increasing ‘clock-speed’ regarding developments, this book already is outdated at the moment I’ll publish it. It is also a summary of the 175+ blogs I have written on his LinkedIn Influencer blog for the last three years with 750,000+ followers, that will also host updates on the things to come.

With embedded contributions, interviews and perspectives from Simon Sinek, Daniel KraftAnneMiek Vroom,  Hal Wolff IIIBart Brouwers, Bart Timmers, Peter Bennemeer, Anya Kravets, Jules Lancee,  Marco Derksen, Marie JohnsonMartijn de Groot, Chris McCarthyMichiel Muller, Bert Vrijhoef, Rene Bleeker, Tom vd BeltClaudia Rijcken, Maarten van Rixtel, Jörn-Ole Stellmann, Shawna Butler and Maarten Steinbuch amongst others.

Lucien Engelen is the founding director of the REshape Center for (healthcare) innovation (since 2010) at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen The Netherlands. As of May 2018, he was appointed as Global Strategist Digital Health Edge Fellow at the Deloitte Center for the Edge, He is also core faculty at Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine in Silicon Valley (since 2011) and CEO of his own company called Transform.Health, an expert in front-end healthcare innovation and a passioned and valued inspirational public speaker on the change of health(care).

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You can order a hard copy (388 pages) of my new book,  You can also read about the content of the book and the prologue.

This is the paperback with a BLACK & WHITE interior. You can also order the COLOR edition or the e-book.


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