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Work Experience

2010 – present : Director Radboud REshape Center, Radboudumc, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
Challenges for healthcare are enormous: increasing demand, decreasing budgets and shortage in skilled personnel puzzle many healthcare administrators. To cope with these aspects, at Radboud University Medical Center, initiated the REshape Center that is at the convergence of patient empowerment and (exponential) technology.

2008 – March 2016 : Head of the Regional Emergency Network:
Coordinating the Acute healthcare (roughly) in the province of Gelderland to treat the right patients in the right facility based on evidence, research and guidelines. Next to responsibility for the Mobile Medical team (including Trauma-helicopter) together with midwifery, GP’s, Hospitals and ambulances services.

2008- present : Advisory of the Executive Board:
Advising the Executive Board in terms of changes in healthcare enhancing the participation of patients and their informal care in their own disease, working towards raising the level of participation in Health(care), research and education.

Other formal positions
2014 – present : Chief Imagineer Dutch National IT Institute for Healthcare NICTIZ:

What will the future look like, and what do we have to do today to cope with that. ‘Imagineering is a contraction of imagination’ (imagination) and ‘engineering’ (technique). It is a form of communication in which the perception imagineer seeks to strengthen the connection. Between organization and audience through experience, not only through text in a rational way, but also through other senses.’

 2011 – present : Core Faculty Singularity University Exponential Medicine Silicon Valley. (Founded by i.e. Google, NASA, Autodesk)
ExponentialMedicine (formerly known as FutureMed) at Singularity University (founded by Google, Autodesk and NASA) is based on the NASA Ames Research Park in the heart of Silicon Valley.  How will rapidly developing technologies such as low cost genomic sequencing, artificial intelligence, telemedicine,robotics, 24/7 body wearable monitors, smart pills, stem cells, synthetic biology, gene therapy, mobile phone apps and crowd sourced health data affect the future of healthcare and medicine? Member of core team bringing Singularity University to the Netherlands in 2016

2012 – present : Member Global Innovation Board Genentec-Roche:
To co-create visions for sustainable innovations together with leading edge cross-industry experts and internal executives.

2003 – 2007 : CEO RAV Limburg Noord:
Is a Dutch EMS Service including Dispatch Center (in this case comparable with 911). Lead the merger and the merged company for almost 5 years as CEO. When the development of the organization stabilized and the consolidation phase ahead, I wrote the Control Board of the Foundation my Letter of Resignation as of Sept 1st, 2007. Without a clear view on what would be next I started talking to 10 people near to my heart, when the word got out I was going to leave the RAV was asked to join the Police leadership and the Ministry of Health, but ended up at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center.

  • Member of board of Dutch EMS directors;
  • Member of Dutch ICT en Innovation group of the Health Dept;
  • Member of Advisory board NICTIZ
  • Member of Dutch Councel to stimulate Multidisciplinairy Informatics for the Interior Safety.
  • Founder of the Dutch Steering committee ICT & Acute Healthchain.
  • Boardmember of the Multidisciplinairy Dispatchcenter Limburg Noord (Together with Police-chief, Fire-chief.

1983 – 2003 : Co-owner and director Engelen-group:
Several companies in a Holding i.e. in Automotive, Health Care and Funeral services. Mainly responsible for strategy, personnel affairs and leading and developing the organization.  After my choice to focus on the EMS branche sold the other divisions. Lead merger with 2 other parties and became CEO of the Merged foundation RAV Limburg Noord.

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