Media list

NOS News 3-2-2018
In NOS Journaal Saturday 3-2-2018 from minute 13:00  Here was lacking because of lack of time due to other news the detailed nuance that I brought in a bit hence this blog post:  further on NOS site
ICT & Health conference January 2018

Speakers Academy Magazine 2018

TED talk 2011 (ended up on global )

Angels LJLPG. Philips: Transforming Health with Connected Apps Lucien Engelen LIVE interview Dreamforce (2.4 Million viewers.

The Next Web 2017 Lucien Angels

University of the Netherlands. Medical miracles. 2017

Closing keynote European eHealthweek 2016

Exponential Medicine San Diego 2016 Singularity University.

Angels LJLPG. Actua-Zorg: Lucien Engelen about technology in the healthcare sector (2015).

Angels LJLPG. Intwerview RTL-z The New Economy. RTL . 2015.
Keynote HealthKick MaRS Discovery District Canada 2015

Angels LJLPG. BBC – Horizons – Episode 3: Extending Lives .. 2015.
Angels LJLPG. Nedtalk Netherlands Health Communicator on SublimeFM. SublimeFM. 2015.
VPRO. Backlight documentary National TV 2014

Angels LJLPG. RTL News item Google Glass in UMCN Operating rooms. 2013.
Angels LJLPG. Knevel & vd Brink about Google Glass research. NPO. 2013.
TEDxMaastricht talk Lucien Engelen 2012