ChatGPT, a gamechanger?

Yes, ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm, whether you like it or not. More and more, the opportunities and also the flaws of the current version submerge, but it is hard to imagine the impact of the merging of different of these tools will bring. Will it be like the internet, like how we tended to imagine how it would look like 30 years from then (so 2020), or will it pass and morph into something we even can not imagine yet now? Are we even able to imagine the progress, good and bad, that this will bring. Were we able to imagine the impact of the smartphone when Steven Jobs presented “… an iPod, a phone and an internet communicator…” some 16 years ago? We will explore, find, throw away, and restart use cases, pilots, debates, crimes, and good causes for the use of this technology and its impact. Key is exploring. Have fun!

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The synthetic Lucien

I like to play with these tools to get a feeling for it, like this video I created with a combination of tools (I will write a brief #howto in a post on my website), just as a use-case to promote my big friend Daniel Kraft, MD conference Next Med Health.

Once the script has been made in ChatGPT, in ElevenLab Syntethic voice I cloned my voice (out of a sample audio snippet) added a twist of Indian English accent (to discriminate from my own real voice, and a photo of me 😉 and all together uploaded it into D-ID, next: the fun starts. You can easily add another picture, and off we go.

What do you think? Is this a good or a bad development? Look forward hearing of you in the comments.

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Chatting with a book!

Also interesting to see one now can build his one chatbot’s based on ChatGPT from a book. Again: you can now chat with/to a book !!

So, of course, I made one of my Augmented Health(care) book.

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With this, you can ask questions that will be answered based on the content of the by ChatBase, give it a try!

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Social Media for the good (just like ChatGPT could become?)

Let me close this newsletter with a great video that came by, where an influencer Mr Beast used his reach via YouTube for the good. Fundraising money he helped cure 1000 peoples’ blindness. It is an incredible example of how one can use their capabilities, networks, and reach (133 MILLION subscribers to his channel, video been seen by over 100 million times).

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And, stay safe!