Announcing 2024 European conference: ‘3 days on the future of our health. Packed with inspiration, actionable insight & learnings, connections, and challenges in a bi-directional, unconventional, no-trade-show format, the whole system in the room at the heart of Europe.’

We all know about the huge challenges healthcare faces, and yet we keep trying to tweak the current system. With doubling healthcare demand, shortage of skilled personnel, increasing burn-out rates, decreasing budgets, and patients becoming empowered, there is no way this is sustainable. Healthcare will implode!  The solution for the future of healthcare = health. We need to find a pathway from healthcare > health (#HC2H) with the use of technology, education, and partnering cross-industry to increase prevention and self-empowerment.

After decades in healthcare, I personally think it is time for a different approach: radical to go through the front-door as opposed to fixing things at the back end of a problem. No, this is not (only) the old ‘prevention’ paradigm but also has to incorporate other stakeholders in our daily life. Supermarkets, retail, banks, telco’s and, of course healthcare providers and their current stakeholders themselves. So: let’s organize another conference where we bring in the experts to tell us what to do? NO!! 

By BeBo86 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Forum Romanum, for centuries, was the place to be for speeches, sports, criminal trials, and ideas to share and spread. In 2024 this concept will be the ‘modus operandi’ to solve challenges for a sustainable health(care) system on a global level, or if you want to listen to great minds from all over the world sharing their ideas, add your perspectives to it or even share yours, with the ambition to make a tangible impact.

It will be a blend of my former TEDx’s, from Exponential Medicine, recently rebranded into NextMed Health from my friend Daniel Kraft (take a look at the March 2023 edition, I’ll be bringing a European group again), and the essence and atmosphere of the ancient Roman Fora.

My original initiative dates from 2019, a couple of months before Covid hit the world. Our Future Health Forum 2024 will host delegates from all over the world, elaborating on the convergence of technology and (patient)empowerment and the shift from healthcare to health. A cross-fertilization of other current high-level conferences in healthcare with a deep dive into solution-aimed debates. Not a regular conference, no lectures, no pitches, and no commercial talks. But great ideas on how health(care) can be improved are shared with a skeptical, positive, educated, enthusiastic, but most of all, passionate audience. Elaborate on the ideas on how to pursue them into reality, with the help of people from the audience.

Come Reshape and refine your ideas, pivot them about sustainable health(care), and find peers to help bring them into reality. As health(care) is a universal topic, there is no specific targeted group or audience, but we hope to meet many patients, families, and informal care professionals who deliver healthcare daily. Also, people from government, politicians, industry, and payers. As this historic format assimilated centuries of knowledge and many special occasions (although not all are to be proud of), we will also encourage philosophers, ethicists, and other thinkers to join us.

Also, you will experience in a hub-and-spoke format many other simultaneous gatherings at the same place with one central place:The Forum, acting as a common trunk.

Prior to the event, there will be (and already are) several (stealth) events leading as stepping-stones towards Our Future Health Forum 2024. So this event is actually a change tool in disguise. I am gathering once again a great group to produce this very special gathering, some of which worked with me on TEDxMaastricht 20112012TEDxNijmegen 2013 as well as on the global Our Future Health conferences I’ve organized during my tenure at Radboud University Medical Centre (all live-streamed 1000+ seat conferences), and awesome new great minds as well. With state-of-the-art technology, this hybrid event will bring together knowledge, ambition, passion, and execution power and spread it all over the globe via an impressive mix of channels.

It will be an independent event organized by Transform.Health (so me ;), but in collaboration with great partners in a multi-year commitment.

  • Stage 1 : is NOW, announcing the event going forward on European soil in 2024
  • Stage 2 : in Q1 of 2023 we will disclose the location (Country, City and location) and the exact date
  • Stage 3 : By Q3 of 2023 the first major glance of the program, the elements and friends we invite to introduce us to some of the significant topics
  • Stage 4 : in Q2 of 2024 will be the actual 3-day event, most probably in May/June

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Stay Safe!