Sometimes, I use this blog for things about my personal life, so here it goes 😉
Call it a mid-life crisis, but yes, I have bought a motorcycle. Actually, I’ve bought a trike, as some call it.  Now there are trikes  …

…and there are trikes. Some have two wheels on the back, and others, like mine (a Can-Am 2022 RT Limited), as you can see below, has two on the front.

And I love this machine, that is intended for touring, leisure, and exploring the scenery from a very comfortable seat and a great riding experience.  I’ll take it out just for a ride in the weekend, but also to go to some of my appointments during the week.

In my search for some excellent apparel like a polo, t-shirt, cap, and more, I wasn’t able to find anything that I could wear at work on casual days and carries some kind of reference to the Spyder-experience at the same time. Also it appears there is a lot of scams out there. So using my network -and skills from a former life as an entrepreneur who also had a design & print shop-  I started with creating a logo myself with the help of old partnerships.
I already had a clear vision of what should be in the logo, how it should look like, and the elements building it up. Next, with that guidance and sketches, I turned to 99-designs and issued a logo contest.

The result: a neat logo that can be worn on almost everything, as a small token of the joy you have in ‘riding the wind.’ on a Spyder. (yes, I know there is an official Spyder-logo)
Below are some ways the logo is/will be used (I’ve registered it for a Trademark, btw). I’m now exploring how to ‘print’ these in a nice chrome or metal finish with adhesive so that I can put one of them on my Spyder (suggestions welcome!)

Next, I wanted to use it on some clothing I was looking for and decided to use a fulfillment company that does everything in one hand,  after all, others might like what I made and be looking for stylish apparel as well. So after a deep dive into this world decided to go with Printful.
Bonus, this makes it possible for others to order them if they like the design and looks, so I might as well go on with it: So from ordering on my own site over here, everything starts to work in the backend to pick the orders, make sure for great embroidering or painting, packing, and shipping it. The first samples that came in were made by my partner for this Printful, including fulfillment and shipping from my online store.

Curious what you think of it; let me know in the comments!