I’ve been covering the challenges for healthcare in many of my blogs, keynotes, and on social media. I’ve also written about these in my book ‘Augmented health(care), the end of the beginning’ that by the way, has just gone on sale.) Also, my perspective is that we will not be able to solve them with a bit more efficiency, a bit more quality, and a bit more effectiveness should not be new to you if you have been following me.

In my research and work, opportunities in retail have been prominent over the past years. Not only are the obvious steps that Amazon is making, although these are becoming vast and mainstream more and more, but also what can be done by others from retail that might not be in this yet.

One of the core capabilities that we are lacking in health(care) is an emphasis on the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX). No, I do not think healthcare
should resemble a theme park, but we can do a much better job. For many of the interventions, apps, processes, and protocols, we need someone to explain them to the patients. That is like a bad joke; if you have to explain it, it’s not funny anymore.

Witnessing the steps of some giant retailers into healthcare, I often discussed this with my friend Steven van Belleghem of Nexxworks, to me, the guru on customer experience (CX). During those discussions and debates actually, sometimes, the idea occurred to blend a group of people from health(care) and retail to take a journey to the US.  We’ve recorded one of our chats on this.

We both see a huge opportunity to blend these two worlds a bit more. To see firsthand how this is evolving over there and to jointly explore how this can be translated into solutions for the current challenges we face over here. For that, we’ve arranged a tour to the East-coast of the US in May 2023. You might be interested in joining Steven an me and a group of impressive people from healthcare, retail, industry, investors, and policymaking. For that head over to the tour’s website or reach out to Anneleen directly.

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