As fall kicks in, the fireplace gets cozy, and dawn comes in sooner by the day, I wanted to offer some reading stuff to you by putting my book ‘Augmented Health(care)’ on sale in both hard-copy and in e-book versions.

The reason I wrote this was to give an overview of the dynamics in health(care) innovation in 5 chapters:

  1. What’s Been Going On?
  2. Cracks in the System
  3. Taking Part is the Only Way
  4. Digital Strategy
  5. This Revolution Will Not Stop

As you can read in the prologue of the book, the notions appeared to be relevant up till this day and into the future as health(care) develops into a new paradigm. It was not intended a novel nor a bestseller, but merely a description of the journey I had (and still have) during my time in emergency medical services, a University medical center, and during my travel for my keynotes and tours.

During this sale, the bundle of hard copy full-color book & e-book lists €12.50 (plus shipping), and the ebook version for €8,00 (currency conversion available in the shop).

Cliffhanger: yes, a new book is coming. Something about health(care) and retail…