Healthcare is losing its connection to society

Healthcare is losing society more and more: the interface is not yet finished. The video tells it all: we really need to work on the ‘interface’ of healthcare. (btw also available in Dutch)


Mayo Clinic enrolled a virtual clinic in Arizona.

Under the 24/7 direction of Mayo Clinic physicians, advanced care at home provides services such as skilled nursing, medications and infusions, as well as laboratory, imaging and rehabilitation services from nurses, paramedics and support team members.

The model of care, launched by Mayo Clinic Platform and operated by Mayo Clinic’s Center for Digital Health, provides a secure and seamless experience at home, combining technology and clinical expertise to ensure that the needs of the patient come first.

12 Takeaways From HIMSS’ Successful, Fully Vaxxed Conference 

Although I wasn’t able to join the HIMSS 2021 conference in person after all, I’ve seen firsthand their thorough preparations to make this conference a safe success.

Expert advice, scenario planning, and clear communication played vital roles in HIMSS’ ability to safely host close to 20,000 health-tech professionals in Las Vegas in August. Now they are advising others by sharing their approach and lessons learned.

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Amazon wants to eat health care next

I’ve said it many times: don’t underestimate Amazon’s effort to step into healthcare. When they together with Berkshire Hataway and JP Morgan started Haven, many said this is not going to work. When they pulled the plug I got over a hundred messages, emails, etc with the bottom line: SEE? Told you so. What many are missing out, that IMHO all the past efforts in healthcare were explorations to understand healthcare from a ‘behind the curtains’ perspective. It was obvious that they at one point would culminate in a broader converged effort. And here we are, probably not seeing all of it. Key point (referring to my video up here): the user interface and user experience. Click here to read more …

Is Apple doing what should’ve been done already by others?

Apple’s steps into the realm of health and healthcare are well known by now. Their latest step is assisting to share one’s data with their loved ones, their healthcare provider/professional basically anyone you want.

That was an easy sentence to write, and we all seen that one coming from Apple, but the impact of this step is easy to underestimate. Especially by healthcare providers this often is put aside as non-trivial. The impact IMHO however is Apple basically doing what healthcare providers, governments should’ve done way earlier: creating basically a PHR (Personal Health Record). There is a lot to say about this, and during my keynotes I always dive-in deep into this. Also here I clearly see the relevance of the user-interface and user experience. Click to read more…

How can I help?

Never a series or show comes so close to my personal beliefs, values and ambitions for healthcare than New Amsterdam on Netflix. Wikipedia states: follows Dr. Max Goodwin as he becomes the medical director of one of the United States’ oldest public hospitals, aiming to reform the neglected facility by tearing up its bureaucracy to provide exceptional care to patients.

On the day of this newsletter, the fourth season is enrolling. The series pushes every touchpoint on how healthcare should be: patient-centric, affordable, accessible, high quality, and above all: humane.

I think this series should be advised for every worker, student, and employee in healthcare. And YES, I Do know many things in many places are superb and do not need to be schooled about this. But let’s also be honest with all the feedback there is out there on healthcare: many could benefit from it.

Reflecting on my own work in the hospitals and other institutions I work I try to do the same and on a daily basis ask the question to my colleagues and workers in healthcare: “How can I help…?”