For a long time,I have thought that healthcare was ‘broken’ given the many challenges we face from patients’ and professionals’ perspectives. I have been advocating for more involvement of the ‘end-user: the patient (their family and caretakers)have been in my articles and in my keynotes around the globe. Reshaping healthcare -as many parts of it are great- needs to be done with the whole system in the room.

Also, we need to incorporate developments from other parts of our life, so outside healthcare, after all, it’s not the patient journey that counts it’s the journey of (our) life.

Inspired by the awesome poem of Amanda Gorman at President Biden’s inauguration, I changed my view on what needs to be done and the #howto question and changed my narrative about this. Healthcare isn’t broken, it is simply unfinished. Specifically, the user-interface is not finished.

This is where (new)player can step in and help us do an even better job in how we interact, deliver, and evaluate the way we offer healthcare services to our communities.

For years I’m asking the audience during my keynotes: what would happen if Apple starts to deliver health(care) services. One can easily guess the reactions to my ask from the side of professionals, even policymakers and alike. From patients, however -apart from some generic questions or worries about privacy, etc- predominantly see the opportunity for improvement there.

Today news broke Apple has indeed been considering to start delivering healthcare services, even with “Apple Doctors”. We could totally see that one coming, although for now, they’ve stalled the project. Let’s see how long it takes before big tech corporates indeed take the next, logical, step and come over to help us with the user-interface of health(care).

Apple’s Healthcare subscription service

‘If you think Apple has gone subscription services crazy, hold onto your seats.

In addition to Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, iCloud Plus, Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus, and Apple Fitness, the company was reportedly working on its most ambitious subscription service yet: a healthcare service complete with “Apple doctors.” Click to read more …

Neuralink Brain Chip Will End Language in Five to 10 Years, Elon Musk Says

In a recent interview, Elon Musk stated that the human language could possibly end within five to ten years.

The CEO of Neuralink went to talk with Joe Rogan, implying that with the innovation of the brain chip the company is currently developing, humans won’t have to speak anymore using traditional languages. Click to read more…

Wearable technology innovations can revolutionize patient monitoring and recovery

GE Healthcare is creating the next generation of patient monitoring with wearable sensors.

In the future, light-weight, even printable technology could help in ensuring patients’ safety in recovery after medical operations. Monitoring technologies offering precision in performance could give healthcare officials new possibilities to monitor patients from afar. Click to read more…

Meet Grace, the healthcare robot COVID-19 created | Celebrity Humanoid Robot Sophia | Robot Nurse

Is this the future of nursing?

Amazon Care is a big deal – here’s why

With its promise of virtual care in all 50 states, this is the first time a big tech firm will be directly in the healthcare services business. Will it be another failed experiment or the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for? Click to read more …

Google is making a 3D, life-size video calling booth

Google is working on a video calling booth that uses 3D imagery on a 3D display to create a lifelike image of the people on both sides. While it’s still experimental, “Project Starline” builds on years of research and acquisitions and could be the core of a more personal-feeling video meeting in the near future.

Is this the next step in video consultation for healthcare first at specialized community centers may be, and once the form factor shrank into your desktop-computer or laptop also from every home? Click to read more…

I HAD to post this great explanation video of my great friend and former colleague Prof. Dr. Bas Bloem on how Parkinsons’ Disease is growing into a pandemic. It has English captioning and is heading for a million views already. The message is loud and clear!

That’s it for now folks. Stay safe and stay cool!