In a post on Quartz my Deloitte colleague Mike Preston (Chief Talent Officer)wrote an interesting piece that resonates with me very much.

Evolution is never a smooth process. Think of your appendix: It lost its job generations ago as our bodies evolved. It may not be needed now, but it can still cause a great deal of pain, generally at the least convenient time.

As companies adapt in the fourth industrial revolution, and the “what, who, where” of work changes, many people may wonder if they’re turning into the corporate version of an appendix—unnecessary and obsolete. I understand how painful that thought can be, but we need to remember there’s a big difference between us and our physiology. Humans can choose to change, to remain a vital and integral part of our organizations, to adapt to the business evolution going on around us, to fire up our intellectual curiosity and embrace continuous learning.

Yes, your education and skillset will give you a good start in the working world, and subject-matter expertise in your chosen area is a great foundation, but it’s not enough.

You can keep up with the change if you commit to keeping your skills and your ideas fresh through continuous learning and curiosity.

He continues to explain three specific topics :

  1. Learn from your co-workers
  2. Be curious about emerging technologies
  3. You also have to understand yourself
  4. Finally, remember why you work