A great article by Jackie Kimmell on how Apple is trying to help in the effort to get healthcare right. Partially based on the interview Jim Cramer a while ago had with Apple CEO Tim Cook when he posed “It will be about health.“.

Jackie points out to 5 notable efforts Apple has made or is making.

  1. Let patients connect their iPhones directly to their providers’ EHRs
  2. To help providers monitor their patients’ health in new ways
  3. To help researchers recruit hundreds of thousands of study participants—in a snap
  4. More users to monitor their health via Apple devices (and it’s convincing health insurers to foot the bill)
  5. To pioneer a wellness-based approach to employee health care

Have a look at the whole interview:

Also yesterday Aetna and Apple announced a collaboration in the healthcare space: ATTAIN, as a result of their joint effort since 2016.