One of the highlight events happening every year is the Exponential Medicine conference in San Diego by my friend Daniel Kraft.  Just like the former 5 years, this year I brought in a group of 35+ Dutch healthcare exec’s, nurses, physicians etcetera to the conference. 

Greg Schmidt created an awesome overview of the sessions and his top 50 in a way I can not top, so sharing his overhere and referring to his website for more detailed versions of it, including the full webcast of the 4 days live stream. Below a 15 minute video podcast about it. 

Gregory Schmidt’s Top 50 recap.

Apart from our group attending the conference itself. We also did a couple of sidevisits as you can see in the pictures below. 

For me this was the last time I’ve organised this study-trip from Radboudumc, as I am resigning this great institution as of January 1st, 2019. 

Hard to miss this year : the Dutch group.

Andrew Hessel on the frontier of biotech.
650 people in 1 room from all over the world. 
Our Dutch Secretary General of the MOH shared lessons learned, including the video with Tim Kroesbergen.
My session on innovation, adoption and culture.
The second annual meeting of #nurseincluded and #nursepreneurship. 
Brennan Spiegel of Cedar Sinaï about AR/VR/XR and lessons learned in research on ‘digital’.
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on ‘digital’.
Caremore visit on ‘digital’ done ‘analog’