Make the Hospital Come to You. A startup tries to scale up health care that’s cheaper, safer, and much more comfortable. From the article about this :

“Less than two hours later, a nurse practitioner, a nurse, and an emergency medical technician arrived to get her room set up — complete with a hospital bed, an IV, and monitors like you’d find in an intensive-care unit.”

Shirley, who is my stepmother’s mother and asked that her last name stay private, became the 32nd of about 50 patients who have been served by a Boston-based company called Medically Home. Next to her bed, the company placed a phone and iPad. Shortly after, the face of Eliza “Pippa” Shulman appeared on the iPad screen. Shulman, Medically Home’s chief medical officer, introduced herself as the doctor who would be coordinating Shirley’s care throughout her “hospitalization.” With a touch of a button, Shirley or one of her family members could teleconference with her physician or nurse practitioner, any time, day or night. “It literally is a hospital at home,” says Kyle, “with fresh breezes through her windows and a fluffy comforter and sheets.”

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