In the current tradition of entering the healthcare market by technology companies, some interesting next hires are at Verily’s.

Verily is starting to more aggressively commercialize its range of services and products, many of which have been in development for more than five years. The company is looking to sell both to pharmaceutical companies and health systems, and is also working with regulators to secure approvals for its products.

New initiatives and a joint venture

“This is not a company with a lack of ambition,” said Robert Califf, a former commissioner for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, who joined the company as an adviser last May. “In health care, there’s a lot to be done.”

Verily, which became an independent subsidiary of Alphabet in 2015, has inked about a dozen partnerships with life sciences companies like Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi.

Some of Verily’s initiatives, like its device to measure blood¬†using a type of watch, are still in the research phase. But others are further along. In 2016, Verily partnered with Sanofi on a joint venture called Onduo, which is focused on diabetes management.

Verily has also beefed up its scientific advisory board, adding Linda Avey, the co-founder of 23andMe, as well as former Medicare chief Andy Slavitt, former national coordinator for Health Information Technology Karen DeSalvo, and Kathy Giusti, founder of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

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