I had the honor of being the Master of Ceremony of HIMSS Europe 2018 in Sitges for the keynote session and give a keynote myself. Although this was way out of my comfort zone, I enjoyed the coach-sessions in a David Letterman style. It was also  great to be able to launch my new book during the HIMMS Europe in Barcelone, Spain.  Actually, the book was launched twice, read till the end 😉

During those days I was interviewed by Dr Charles Alessi, HIMSS International Chief Clinical Officer about some of the things I also cover in the book: culture.

Below some of the pictures of sessions I was involved in during the event, made by Ard Jongsma.

Matthijs Boom of Deloitte interviewed me outside of the venue on day two of the conference.

Next day, next to again moderating, I gave my keynote. (photo’s below by Eveline Croonen)

Also together with Bart Collet, who was appointed the special ambassador for Koen Kas his new book “Your Guide to Delight“, to exchange books, we managed to swap books in the central hall.






Noted: somewhere during one of the nights I saw this strange setting. Looks like someone tried to figure out the correct side of the piano. Guess he still has to keep trying a bit…. (Casper Smeets)








And was great meeting up again with my long time dear friend Denise Silber, who created the great conference Doctors.2.0.







A special moment occurred when my friend Erik Gerritsen the Secretary-General of the Dutch Ministry of Health, welfare and Sports grabbed my moderator chair and (David Letterman-like) desk and decided to pull off a Letterman-show himself (video by Franka van Velthoven). Meanwhile informally launching my book (official launch supposed to be next day).


Erik Letterman

Although many have thought this was a planned gig, it was NOT. This happens to the two of us all the time unplanned -but fun- things happen. “Erik Letterman” 😉 (video credits Martina Bartelink)

It’s out there! Now my new book is gradually becoming available in the different stores:

Order your copy via my bookstore-page, so we’ll send it to you a.s.a.p. Or you can order the ebook (and very soon also the paperback) via the clickable links below.






“Entrepreneur Lucien Engelen has an extraordinary vision about the future of health and care. He was the first to conceive a TEDx focused mainly on patients, the first to declare that health conferences MUST bring patients, the first to innovate a medical school curriculum with patients’ advice. A man of insane energy, broad experience, unstoppable passion and clear vision, he has worked tirelessly to inject “patient DNA” into the future of medicine. Work hard to see what he sees. Help make it real.
ePatientDave, Dave de Bronkart, patiënt-activist

“He is too harsh on himself. The message of this book is not about the latest technology, but about broader themes. His first-row observations on the nature of digital innovation, organizational resistance and the still often-neglected effects of consumerization may (yet) lack scientific rigor, but more than makeup for that by their candor, hands-on learnings, and valuable insights.
Daniel Kraft MD, Stanford & Harvard trained MD-Scientist, Aspen Institute Innovation Fellow. Medicine Chair Singularity University and Founder Exponential Medicine.