Healthcare costs have been a big burden for decades with having to deal with all the logistics that come with the sector. For many years, the blueprint of the sector has been designed around the professionals instead of those who need the services. It is mindboggling that patients do not have access to their complete medical records for whatever reasons and one can clearly see that customer centrality is a factor these professionals do not want to explore. Who designed this, I often ask?

To curb this, we can see technology companies like Amazon, Apple creating handy solutions that aim to improve healthcare services. Unfortunatley, saturating the market with these ‘’solutions’’ wasn’t the best idea as the health sector is highly complex and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan that can solve all the existing problems as they are a lot of grey areas. I specifically think we need an outside perspective to solve the challenges that linger or starting from scratch and redesigning the whole system. Then we can say that Amazon, Apple could be on to something.

Finally, Kudos to Radboud University Medical Center for approaching these innovations with open minds as I strongly believe we are moving past the times where health care professionals and policymakers were reluctant to explore the use of technology in the sector.