It is no news that nurses are the backbone of the health care sector and it is sad that they are constantly overlooked when it comes to the things that matter. While I was in the hospital for removal of my kidney stones for the 7thtime, I was blown away by the care and hospitality that was shown to me by the nurses. It opened my eyes to their importance and value in the sector; so, I struck a conversation about technological innovations in healthcare and was amazed by their interests.

They also expressed their displeasure at the fact that they were never asked or involved in these decision-making processes but were forced to have to work with the aftermath of these choices. Hence my decision to use this factor as one of the focal points in my discussion at the annual Exponential medicine conference in San Diego and named it #nurseIncluded.

Basically, in order to make these innovations work, we need to ensure that everyone is involved and well represented. To effectively unleash this technological force on our challenges, we definitely need everyone to be in the room.