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When time comes.

Over the last days at our InPerson ILN meeting in Nijmegen, i have been talking to a lot of people about the time off that I’ve taken: my Burnout Preventive Sabbatical.
I have chosen to be very open about this, since as I talked to a lot of people who shared similar stories with me so maybe my sharing could be of any help to someone out there. As i have been writing about this in my blogs I noticed they’ve got scattered, so thought I made one post that ties them together.
My initial post about my ‘retreat’ kicked off at Linkedin in a blog I named: Retract, retreat, refuel, rethink and then ‘step on it’, exponentially . Following up with a post after the initial 3 months with the learning I had and wanted to share with many asking me how this played out and what I would advise them to prevent or to handle things. I named this blog my 10 things you’ll learn during a burnout-preventing-sabbatical (BPS).   The next steps that came out of that have been written down on my blog, including announcing me stepping down one day a week from Radboudumc,  called  ‘A snapshot of healthcare transformation.’

Also some wanted to know a bit more about our work at the REshape Center and earlier day challenges. We have been fortuned to be featured in a public broadcast documentary in 2014 (Backlight, a future affairs program).

So when the time comes, all of us have to make choices professionally as well as personally. I was very glad to see many much mindlikes that are facing the same hurdles as i am. Feels like family, thank you for that.



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Lucien Engelen

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