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Smart hospitals, Apple, Samsung & Amazon next steps in healthcare, and a drone faster than an ambulance ?

Smart hospitals becoming a reality, Apple’s next step into EHR integration, Samsung into biosimilars, Amazon takes big stakes in healthcare, a hyperloop-hotel and a drone faster than an ambulance ? Big shifts in healthcare and retail, in the end they will merge IMHO. A small recap of the news lately :

The last few years has seen an exponential increase in the capacity and capability of new health technologies heralding the prospect of a very different model of healthcare. By 2020 the Smart Hospital will be a reality — Future Health Index

South Korea’s Samsung Bioepis Co Ltd is developing a lower-cost copy of Roche Holding AG’s eye drug Lucentis, a U.S. filing showed, revealing a previously undisclosed product in the biosimilar maker’s pipeline. S.Korea’s Samsung Bioepis developing biosimilar of Roche’s Lucentis| Reuters

Apple wants the iPhone to become the central bank for health information. It is looking to host clinical information, such as labs and allergy lists, and not just wellness data. To that end, it is talking with hospitals, researching potential acquisitions and attending health IT industry meetings. Apple plots medical record integration with iPhone

Amazon is on the healthcare industry’s doorstep. The e-commerce giant continues to transform virtually every segment of the economy as it leverages its massive distribution network to deliver logistical harmony. The e-commerce giant will shake up the medical supplies industry as it builds out its business-to-business platform, healthcare experts said. Amazon poised to deliver disruption in medical supply industry — Modern Healthcare Modern Healthcare business news, research, data and events

John Nosta : The big news today is that Apple is reportedly secretly developing a dermal sensor for measuring blood glucose and the management of diabetes. It seems to be a sensor that works with the Apple Watch to continuously and painlessly monitor glucose levels. Similarly, Forbes contributor David Shaywitz reports that Alphabet’s (Google) new wearable is “significant.” Does pharma own life science innovation anymore? Apple And Google: The Next Big Pharma

When you go out of town, you usually need to buy a few nights at a hotel in addition to a plane, train, or bus ticket. Brandan Siebrecht, a graduate architecture student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, wants to combine these components into one experience. He designed what he calls the “Hyperloop Hotel,” a system that would feature a transit system and 13 hotels in different cities throughout the United States. This $130 million ‘Hyperloop Hotel’ would allow people to travel between cities in luxury rooms

I think originally invented by a Dutch TU/Delft student, now A study by Swedish researchers looked at how drones compare to ambulances at delivering lifesaving defibrillator devices to patients suffering from cardiac arrest and found drones are faster. But the technology has pros and cons, say doctors. Drone technology has pros and cons when it comes to emergency care for cardiac arrest, study finds. Could a drone help save a life faster than an ambulance? Drone technology has pros and cons when it comes to emergency care for cardiac arrest, study finds.

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