At TED 2014 in Vancouver Larry Page took the stage for an interview.
When i look at Electronic Medical Records, and say : wouldn’t it be amazing if everyones EMR would be available anonymously to research doctors, and when someone accesses your medical records you could see which doctor accessed it and why. You can maybe learn about what condition you have. I think if we just do that, we could save a hunderd-thousand lives, this year.”
I’m just very worries that with ‘internet privacy’ we’ll do the same thing with medical records throwing away the child with the bathwater. While i’m thinking about the tremendous good that can come out of that is people would share the information with the right people in the right ways.”
Google some years ago had a project Google Health which they discontinued June 2011. A decision in back-then thought of to be a wrong one, to early (patient empowerment was very small back then, but everyone sensed it would grow over the next years.  As a matter of fact we are enrolling Hereismydata™ in exactly the way that Larry describes in this interview, next week we’ll send out a nice press statement about this. of course i would be very open to discuss this with Larry of course 😉
See the whole interview with Larry ( who lost his voice a while ago and is slowly getting it back)
As of 13:30 he’s talking about Electronical Medical Records.
Like i state in my keynotes nowadays, 2015 will be the year of Google and Apple entering aggressively into the Health-arena.