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Why are you seducing kids in supermarkets?

Today 8th graders published a video about their mission to ban selling tobacco in supermarkets in the Netherlands.

The video is in Dutch (sure it will be will subtitled soon, anyone ?) and tells their journey first to local supermarket asking the GM : why are you seducing kids with tobacco-marketing, you know it’s killing,right. Waiving away responsibility pointing out to HQ the GM is nailed to the ground about this confronting scene. Calling HQ’s of several supermarkets their spokespersons literally get nailed by these kiddos asking the most simple question of all : “why, while you know it kills people.”

In the end not getting to speak anyone of the board they decide to throw all their premium gifts and swag at the HQ’s doorstep. Keep it, it’s yours.


Lucien Engelen

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