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Radical openness : my DNA report


Ok just now for a starter:

I had my saliva “done” by 23andme and below in this post is the report of what i found out about me. Just for now i will publish it, but over de next weeks i will dive into my “search” on what this means, what i have learned and what it does with me. 

Yes; i thought about this a lot, and yes i know unforseen consequenses in terms of “privacy” could occur, but it really think that “privacy” earned a completly new definition nowadays. 

Will take you on my journey from my crowdsourcing blog where you can read the complete 25-pager since from my vision crowdsourcing for health will be the next frontier, once we combine the collective knowlegde, information and networks together. So this will be the only post here on this blog about it. Also i posted a few polls right there for you.


ps : added the 25-pager here aswell as some people ask where the results are 😉 

23andMe Printable Report 6 Okt 2012


Lucien Engelen

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