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“Dos cervezas por favor.”, but what if you have to talk to a Doc’ ?

Sure “holiday-words” are known very well, but how about explaining your illness to a doctor that doesn’t speak English or Dutch, what when you’ve got the feeling you are not understood correctly and you’re really sick.

On those occasions a little help could come in handy in helping to express yourself better to describe the symptoms. 

This is where REshape HealthTalk comes in. Both doctor/nurse and patients select sentences in their own language from an array of health(care) related discussions and it gets “translated” into one of the (at present) 10 languages. 

Validated sentences by a patented Artificial Intelligence system is used to support you in those cases, we think it can reduces even costs, by getting better and faster the acurate care.

Also you could choose to have the screen swapped when you are sitting at a table or desk. 

Now for the holidayseason we’ve lowered the price. So € 0,79 or  $ 0.99 ) so that won’t be the barriere for this barriere resolving app 😉

PS : i realy DO hope you won’t be needing it !


Lucien Engelen

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