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Are hospitals into Social Media ?

I started following developments in this field allready 3 years ago with my teammember and PhD candidate Tom vd Belt to it who did a great job, but now he needs your help to complete the insights.

Recently we published our findings on the use of Social Media by European Hospitals in JMIR. In this longitudinal study, we explored the use of social media by hospitals in 12 Western European countries through an Internet search. 

The next step was to share social media usage by individual hospitals on a map, combined with the great work that Ed Bennet (@edbennet) did in the United States. Looking for a nice way to present this, Silja (@whydotpharma) showed us her idea to do just that. 

So here it is : The first Worldwide Hospital Social Media Monitor. You can easily embed this map into your own website or blog, and we look forward receiving your feedback (Please use @hospitalseu).

N.B.: The data are not complete. So far, only 12 countries are in the database and some hospitals are missing. Furthermore, hospital information may be incomplete. Therefore, your help is needed! 

So go to our website for sumbitting or changing your hospital’s information.


View Global map of hospitals in social media in a full screen map


Lucien Engelen

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