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My TEDxMaastricht 2012 talk with Jip Keyzer

Lucien Engelen en Jip Keijzer: keep our hearts strong together

Why are we doing this? The puzzle starts to fit. Lucien speaks of the loss of his parents. That’s the reason why he is doing this, it’s his motivation. We have little time and we talk too much and do too little. We have to share ideas, information, inspiration together with patients. And use the modern technology! Lucien Engelen is synonymous to Health 2.0; at the time Luciens parents lived there were no ‘social media’.

He believes there can be no healthcare (improvement) without the contribution of the experience, skills and knowlegde of patients. That’s why he starts the project ‘Patients included’. Patients are the real champions. He also developed the AYA4 community together with young adults with cancer.

Lucien introduces in his TEDtalk one of these patients: Jip Keijzer. Jip Keijzer, blue eyed and handsome like a summer breeze, is the true ambassador of living life to the max. However, unexpectedly, he is confronted with cancer at the age of 21. But he didn’t allow the cancer to take over his life. Jip himself was guided by the motto ‘change what you can not accept, accept what you can not change’.

Now Jip his journey on earth has ended. But as a true ambassador, he brought people into action to care for young adults with cancer and to change what has to be changed. That trip we will continue, together with patients and healthcare professionals.


Lucien Engelen

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