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What ? Candy-machines in busses ??? ObesiBus ?

Sometimes you get across news that really sets off an awkward feeling.

This week one of the major bus-companies Connexxion (part of Transdev and Veolia Transport) in the Netherlands announced they started a pilot with Candy-machines in 50 busses !

Now in the Netherlands we don’t have schoolbusses, so a lot of our kids take these busses to get to school and back home again.

And that was not enough, they’ve also issued a new rule you can no longer eat your own food in the bus.

Wow, that mindbogggles me. We are all trying to get bad food out of our schools, educate our kids about good food and prevent them to get obese. And what does the bus company do : they bring this bad stuff almost right under their nose.

Haven’t they seen the work of i.e. Jamie Oliver on this ?

In their mission statement it says i.e  :

* We reach our goals through Corporate Social Responsibility


* Connexxion is in the heart of the society and takes it’s responsibility to the enviroment, “Quality of life” and good employment. 


Sure !



Lucien Engelen

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