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PRESS statement : First app downloaded over 50.000 times now REshape HealthTalk is launched

The Radboud Reshape & Innovation Centre today launches his latest innovation the ‘REshape Health Talk’ app based on patented technology (by RE-phrase) that helps patients to be co-director of their health(care).

REshape HealthTalk
Within this REshape HealthTalk app a great number of conversation lines are embedded that can occur in conversations with doctors or nurses etc. These conversation-lines are available in different languages. By selecting a sentence or topic, the app flips the screen around and shows it in the other selected language, where again a reply sentence can be selected.
Besides the use in regular healthcare-visits for non-native speakers or communications-issues it off course comes in handy during travel, might the need of healthcare should come up.

The app is at present available for iPhones en iPads. Versions for android, windows will come up soon. News for that will be published at our website or twitterhandle as to be found below

Patiënt as partner

The Radboud Reshape & Innovation Centre is part of Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre in the Netherlands. It’s goal is to transform healthcare into a place where patients can act as partners by removing boundaries and innovate towards the patient, their family and informal care.
In 2010 the Centre launched his first app for, that find the nearest submitted AED. This app already has been downloaded over 50.000 times. In the Netherlands alone already more then 15.000 aed’s are submitted, the goal is to creat a worldwide overview of as many lifesaving AED’s as possible.

This free app is avaiblable for Android and IOS


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Lucien Engelen

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