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This week we launched our newest Radboud REshape app : REshape HealthTalk.

Triggered when we found out about the story of Mr van Gockel using his iPad into communicate with his wife, we made a video-interview of it.

We realized that in many cases people have difficulties to communicatie after procedures, or due to their illness. Also there is a lot of communication done with hurdlles due to different languages. Not realy acceptbale we think. So we started to figure out how technology could help with this. 

While we were at it we ran into some of our collaegues of the AI (Artificial Intellegence) departement of the Radboud University, that had actually a new technolgogy for that. Also the had a first version of an app ready, but were looking for usefull cases for it. 

The result of this collaboration is the REshape HealthTalk app

Just select your own language and the one you would like to use to talk to a healthcare professional and start our conversation. Tons of conversations are preloaded, and while at it the screen flips back and forth, so you can leave your iPhone (or iPad, Android) on the table in front of you. 

This app helps in those cases when you do not have a translator at hand, or just want to clarify something. 



Lucien Engelen

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  1. Lucien,I understand all the advantages for the patient. It can help them in those cases were there is no translator at hand…. In the APP store I now see that the APP costs 4.99 euro. Can you tell me a little bit more about this part of the value case…I experienced that when you ask no money at all, the APP will be downloaded and used more frequently… Have you thought about other models so to earn the investment back…Bart

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