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Never before in history healthcare faced such great challenges : upcoming shortage in skilled personnel, doubling healthcare demand,  pressurized  budgets.  On top there are two developments “at the gate” awaiting  to disrupt many of the current models of care: the patient and exponential technology. 

The impact of new communication paradigm to include  social media and transparency of performance is just as underrated  as the role of e-health is overrated.

“We should think big, act small, dare to fail and stop talking … and start acting.” is my credo.Practice what you preach is what we are doing in the Radboud REshape & Innovation Centre.

By listening to what patients, their family and informal care has to say we can learn a lot. Due to time-pressure we don’t have time enough to listen. 

On the other hand there are a lot of Healthcare professionals that could share their story about The Moment they realised that things have to change, and how they are coping with that. 

This is where Roni Zeiger (Google) and Gilles Frydman (Accor) came in, thanks to our friend E-patient Dave for connecting us on this matter.  Than the idea of MyHealthStory was born. 

Setting up this website for us -as REshape Center- is like a little dream come true :  The use of social media to listen to health(care) stories to improve healthcare by listening.

Two years ago i appointed a CLO (a Chief Listening Officer) into our team, on a daily basis she listens to patients, family and professionals on how we could improve our care, that brings very valuable information to the table. So i tried to imagine what broading that aspect could mean, may be even with help of crowdsouring through social media.  


Basically it comes down to people submitting their brief health story into your own YouTube account. 

By adding the tag “Myhealthstory”, it will be found by our system, curated by medical students they will appear on this website. 

Please do not mention any names of healthcare professionals or institutions, the basic idea it to learn what can be done better, how can health(care) be improved.

More on “the how” and “what” will follow soon right here.

Lucien Engelen







Lucien Engelen

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