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I am moving out (and in) !

This message,

together with this one  : The Presentation That Inspired Google+

Pushed me crossing the line :  i will move out of Facebook as of tomorrow. Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ will be my 3 online networks that i will use. 
I will try to connect the other networks in a way that they will be filled with content of these 3, but please do NOT expect ANY engagement from me over there anymore, after next week. 
Over the last weeks, i was updating, checking mail, Twitter, Facebook, Hyves, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Yammer, Msn and Skype multiple times a day. Insane !! 
It is said 3 networks at the most, and likely to engage with 150 people, so that is exactly what i will be doing. 
Thanks all ! See you on Twitter, LinkedIn (not in ANY of the groups btw)  and Google+
Once a Mobile Nomad, allways a Mobile Nomad, checkin’ in- and out using anything, anywhere, allways.
Thats why my signature states for over a year :
Kind regards,
Lucien Engelen

Sent by i-something : As for my life as a “Mobile Nomad” please excuse brevity and typos.


Lucien Engelen

3 replies

  1. Good, less = more. Agree completely on reason and choice of networks.I will still keep Facebook for personal / family use (no way they are going to move to another platform).Only thing i’m struggling with is that professional google apps don’t support G+ yet, which is a huge disadvantage.

  2. Love the focus. I’m not moving out, but my participation will naturally begin to shift. I also really love the openness of Google+ and the extensions that are already coming out, now my news feed is in Google+ so I don’t have to open a different window to check it out. I’m super happy with G+ and am excited that someone has finally put a horse in the race with Facebook that actually has a chance in catching up, and dare I say surpassing them.

  3. seems logic, but how about posterous?i’m trying a different approach:Daily attention: Twitter , Google+, Googlereader (headlines of certain blogs)Weekly attention: Posterous, Facebook, Linkedin, GooglereaderI’m going out slowly of all other SoMe’s (including Facebook)

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