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iCAREweCARE, is about Youth taking responsibility.

More and more the different approach our youth is taking on social aspect is starting point for ventures or movements. It seems to me that they not only are more involved on issues on the social level like environment, disease, politics and human right, but also the actually are taking steps to create a better world.
In this they tend more than we have ever seen to collaborate on a different perspective, and more on a Global level, both on the content as on the tools they use for it. Not only do they have more information than ever in history, they process it in a completely different way and use it in giving meaning to their life. They want to have a cause and give their life meaning.

Sure, Social Networks haven’t been here for more then 10 years, but it gives some extra perspectives and possibilities to these “kids” that come in very handy since they are very much aware of the globalization of our society. Diseases often don’t stop at “virtual” borders, and over the last months we have seen that violence, and democratization in one country easily ignited the same in neighbored counties.

One of these examples of students taking responsibility is Priyanka Jain.


I met here during the Executive Program FutureMed at Singularity University last May where I attended as faculty, and she attended as Student ambassador. I was almost instantaneously caught by her great vision, roadmap to change, drive and pasion to change the world. 

Age 17, but looking to the things she has already accomplished she could have been double in age.  first high school chapter of Circle of Women; she was invited to speak on the iEARN global conference and was she the youngest invitee to the 2010 Global Women’s Forum for Society and the Economy held in Deuville, France just to name a few. Centermark of all of her these steps were : start a global conversation on the issues that you care about.

And that is exáctly what she did again, with her latest achievement. Friday May 20th she started a non-profit startup iCAREweCARE to support the global conversation amongst students worldwide by setting up a on-line community that not only supports the connecting between students that feel a like on a subject, but also connects (local) groups, organization and NGO’s to them. Also one can see what their friends care about and what they are doing with it.

One can support, inform or join actual to volunteer on issues like poverty, environment, disease, children’s rights to only name a few.

Her Father Naveen Jain mailed me : “She did such a great job of inspiring hundreds of high school girls to become active in their communities. As you can imagine, I am so proud of her that she is taking a leadership role in making our world a better place.

For more information on this student-run non-profit community with a cause may, in these articles in Fast Company, PR NewsWire or Forbes.

These kind of developments makes me wonder what the implication for healthcare will be ones theses “kids” are coming into position to take their position as future leaders in for instance healthcare. They KNOW that collaboration is more powerful that the most common way of working apart, they SHARE information in a way that it is easily to be found,  the DEMAND to be informed about the options and choices they have or the WILL attend to somebody else that DOES.

Once they get to be Doctors i.e. have a look into Compassion for Care, launched at by Salmaan Sana at TEDxMaastricht (see more background on that in this post) nurses or even CEO’s of healthcare Institutions, nobody will discuss the need to share the data with patients, family and informal care. There will be no misunderstanding that choices to be made on my healthcare will be a shared decision making process, so patients can be “Captian of their own ship” as been heard  at TEDxMaastricht.

So youth is taking control; and i urge all of you to pass the message and encourage your own kids to be part of this movement.

I can’t wait ‘til future arrives 😉


Lucien Engelen

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