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What will healthcare look like in 2050 ? : Testimonials on Singularity University FutureMed

I am very thrilled to be Faculty at the FutureMed2011 midd May.

To discuss what the World will look like, given the facts that innovations technicals apparel and developments will grow exponentially, sounds great. I have many questions on what the impact of all that will have on patients, families and informal care. What steps have to be set for healthcare institutions and may be more importantly for healthcare professionals, will be one of the most important focusses in my part as faculty. What do we have to do NOW, to make it work THAN ?

As mentioned in a recent interview of the Fifth Conference and a overview article of them, we are on track, but in no way on course in my opinion. 

Our most recent conference : “The Future of Health” ; TEDxMaastricht showed once more that taking the patient seriously could make changes needed to meet the challenges we are facing. At Radboud University Medical Centre we stopped putting patient Central and started to embrace them in our (healthcare)team, steps being made in our Radboud REshape & Innovation Centre. But there is a lot to be done until we get to the point of the Empowered Patient. What the effects in short, midd and long term will be given the Singularity aspect is to be seen; facts of exponential growth and speed of options, and decrease of costs have to take be taken into account for everybody involved in healthcare. What was not possible yesterday, could be a realistic option by tomorrow. Let’s face it who of you had to operate a TELEX machine in the “old” days 😉 My kids looked at me with these really  eyes when i told them we “used to” look telephone-number is a book. And by the time people are telling you vinyl records are becoming “in” again, you not only know you are getting older. But one can also see proof of the high pace things come into our lives, to disappear from it rapidly then ever before, have a glance at the Extinction timeline.

So the connection to Singularity University at this point is great. Let’s see how this can help to bring worlds together, since that’s what i think the biggest challenge will be over the next years. Technics won’t be the problem in possibilities, but may be the speed they will be hitting the market and the time to adopt to it, will be.

Below  a short video with some testimonials of former participants of the Executive Program of Singularity University.
The upcoming track is all about Healthcare and Medicine.



Lucien Engelen

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