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Crowdsourcing to save lives and more on TEDxMaastricht

Set up by the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre in the Netherlands ( @umcn ),two years ago we started as AED4.EU (AED for you but also for EU as in European Union ;-), it was now launched worldwide on TEDxMaastricht April 4th 2011, by its founder Lucien Engelen ( @zorg20 ) transforming it into (AED for us but as wel as in for US as in United States 😉 

More about TEDxMaastricht on patients perspective you can find in this blogposting Patiens are changing seats : the future of Health.

It is intended as a project to chart all the AED’s of the world, so it is ongoing process in stead of a database with all of them in it already. 

So YOU can help start saving lives by submitting the AED’s (Automatic External Defibrillators) to the independent and non-commercial to follow on twitter @aed4us, where the date will be used for research as wel, on i.e. coverage, dentisity etc

It is a project to crowdsource all the AED locations in the world, to CREATE a worldwide independent and non-commercial database to share the loactions of the AED’s for free with the help of several app’s, websites and widgets.

With several mobile apps (iphone ipad, android and very soon windows mobile) one can find the nearest SUMBITTED AED. ( so please note, looking for instance for the US, there a only few AED in the system; YET. Whenever you see an AED you can submit it into the website or via the app. It will show up as a UNvalidated AED until one of our partners validates it. We are looking for parters to help us with this, (as to been seen in the video above). Specially nationally or even globally working company’s with many people on the road, like couriers, parcel shippers etc. (pls contact us at

It is about this:










Lucien Engelen

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