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Scientific American : Pathways » The Rise of the Empowered Patient

I have been working with the authors on this Scientific American article and have been cited several times in it.

Rise of the Empowered Patient

The degree of trust that any industry’s consumers place in its most established authorities can have profound impacts on the nature and range of the products offered, the complexity of the transactions, and, ultimately, the prevailing business models that will determine the industry’s success or failure. Consider the recent global financial crisis. While many traditional financial institutions have survived this international recession, the faith that many personal investors once placed in the accepted “market authorities”—including investment house advisors and portfolio managers, many of whom encouraged consumer expectations of unfettered market growth—has been severely damaged. This erosion of trust has fueled increased regulatory scrutiny of the sector, skepticism among its core and peripheral constituencies, and a reevaluation within the industry itself of the kinds of products and services that will be most desirable to its consumers. A powerful analogy can be drawn between the worlds of finance and health

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