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In the end this score is the only one that counts ! UMCN #1 in Patient-satisfaction


Of teaching hospitals Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (UMCN) scores highest in patient satisfaction. This is evident from the recently published study “Trends in 2003/2009Satisfaction ‘by the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU).

More than 100,000 patients from eight teaching hospitals were invited to the study “Trends in 2003/2009 satisfaction” of the NFU (Dutch Federation of Academic Hospitals). The aim was to determine how satisfied patients are hospitals and clinics. This relates to the patient, treatment and care by nurses and specialists, information, respect and support.
Based on the results of 2009 the UMCN out’s on top as the best satisfaction in the outpatient clinic and a shared half of the clinic.

Even if the rating is compared by specialty, scores UMCN excels. Then Nijmegen out as number one with the highest number of best practices (evidence-based practice).

Of the 33 best-practice eleven are in the name of the UMCN. Neurosurgery scored four in the clinic. “Our department does not just focus on medical content by professional care. The entire care of each patient is close to our heart, “says a proud Dr Ronald Bartels Division of Neurosurgery. Also Haematology, Paediatrics and General Internal Medicine achieved individual a best practices in the clinic.

Regarding the number of best practices in the outpatient clinic, Radboud ends in a tie for second place. Gastroenterology and Hepatology draws on best practices and two Divisions of Geriatrics and Orthopaedics have each earned a best practice.


Lucien Engelen

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