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Mayo Clinics and Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center collaborate in Social Media

Press Statement for Immediate Release : Sept 28th,2010

Mayo Clinic Launches Global Social Media Health Network 

Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (UMCN) to lead recruitment on European continent

ROCHESTER, Minn. —Mayo Clinic today announced formation of the Social Media Health Network, a group dedicated to using social media to promote health, to improve health care and to fight disease. Through educational conferences, webinars and development of social platforms for sharing training materials and resources, this international network will help members learn from each other and effectively implement social media programs.

The announcement came today at the Second Annual Social Media Summit, produced in conjunction with Ragan Communications and hosted on Mayo Clinic’s campus in Jacksonville, Fla.

In addition to Mayo Clinic, charter members of the network include:

•Bon Secours Health System, Marriottsville, Md.

•Inova Health System, Fairfax, Va.

•Mission Health System, Asheville, N.C.

•Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (UMCN), Nijmegen, Netherlands

•Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, Wash.

“We believe the Social Media Health Network will be a significant force for learning how to apply social media tools effectively in the health context,” says Victor Montori, M.D., medical director for Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. “It will be a vehicle for us to share what we’ve learned about social media, including our training resources, and for others to join us in learning together and developing best practices. Ultimately, we want to help health-related organizations of all sizes and types to harness these powerful communication tools to help patients and improve human health globally.”

To support this goal and to build network membership in Europe, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (UMCN) from the Netherlands will serve as the first network partner and community leader for the European continent.

UMCN, a strong social media leader among European medical centers and health care in general, will recruit EU members, host conferences and otherwise facilitate growth of the movement. Lucien Engelen, UMCN’s Director of the Radboud REshape & Innovation Center, says the network “will be sharing, facilitating, exploring and stimulating the use of social media throughout health care. We have been doing this already over the last two years with the REshape conferences and the upcoming Medicine 2.0 Europe, TEDxMaastricht, and also with our research on this matter. For us, the use of social media is part of our ambition to migrate into participatory health care, where in our vision patients, family and informal care step into the health care team. This is too big to handle alone: we have to unite and share.”

In addition to RUNMC, Mayo will be seeking organizations to serve as continental community leaders for Africa, Asia, Australia and South America. Lee Aase, director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, says this is consistent with the ethos of social media and the reality of medicine. “The Social Media Health Network will obviously be active on the Internet, but it will be much more than a Web site,” he explains. “The network will foster real relationships among health-related organizations and with patients, and those will be cultivated through a mix of online and real-world connections. Identifying strong organizations like UMCN that are experienced in using social media and committed to collaborating on health-related applications will be crucial to extending the network.”

The Web site for the network will launch Oct. 25.

The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media exists to improve health globally by accelerating effective application of social media tools throughout Mayo Clinic and spurring broader and deeper engagement in social media by hospitals, medical professionals and patients. Its mission is to lead the social media revolution in health care, contributing to health and well being for people everywhere.

For information : 

For Mayo matters: press office – 507-284-5005

Lee Aase (@leeaase on twitter)

For European matters : Press office Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre,

The Netherlands – +31 24 3618910

Lucien Engelen (@zorg20 on twitter (zorg = health in Dutch)



Lucien Engelen

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  1. Dear Lee and Lucien, congratulations on this next step towards participatory healthcare. Both Health Valley and OOST NV strongly support this trend and are eagerly willing to contribute to this greater cause. Just let us know how we can be at your service.

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