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Our next step : facilitate our visitors to plan their visits to the patient.

As of today we’ve made a next step in incorporating the patient and his/hers family and informal care in to our team.


In cooperation with “” (sorry for Dutch) we launched -as first hospital in the Netherlands (may be even European ?) a hospital-wide system (sorry for Dutch)  for visitors to plan and schedule their visit to patients at our facilities. Otfen many visitors come together at the bedside of the patient, and the next day there isn’t anybody visiting. Also somtimes there will be day’s the patient can’t receive any visitors due to treatment, diagnostics or the are not in the mood. All of this can be handles in this system where one of the familymembers take the lead to invite their family and relations to the system. Whenever somebody wants to visit he will enter this in the system. Visible is how many people are already coming. Of something happens, like transfer to another ward, this can be entered in the system also, invoking a mail to the community of the patient. So the family is in charge of maintaining this system, but it is a lot easier then all the phone calls and organizing-fuzz normally. 

There won’t be any medical information entered in this system, nor can healthcare professionals have access into it.

The (Dutch) press statement can be found here. Soon there will be a video about ths new service online in this blog and on the website.






Lucien Engelen

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