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Peer pressure ?


So, i bought a weight-scale, so what. Who cares ?

Well I do ! Do I think I have overweight, yes. Do I want to do something about it : yes I want to. Do I have an idea how : nope.  

So what’s this about. Well, may be peerpressure. Since i didn’t buy a normal weightscale but a very special one. One that communicates !

I ordered the WiThings Scale. A scale that connects through WiFi to the internet and feeds. It feeds my iPhone, my iPad a website, my Google Health-page, My Microsoft Healthvault, Trainingspeaks etc. with my weight, BMI and Fatt Mass.

I want to understand what will be happening is i monitor myself, and above that i want to see what happens if i share the data. This will be done on my Scale page, via twitter (everytime i get on the scale), though my blog.

To read more on this scale see the website, blog and here.

By now my whole family is “on the scale”, made user accounts and agreed to weight “as much as possible”; we’ll see.


Through this blog i will keep you posted. Trying to sort out what the chances and pitfalls are.



Lucien Engelen

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