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Plead guilty : i’m a Digital Nomad


What does one need to work. This used to be a office, a desk a chair, paper and pencil etcetera. But, this has changed a “little” over the last years, no ? In the past years i worked not only in my own office, but also in the train, airplane, waiting lobby, others people offices, meeting facilities, congress-centres, (car) etcetera.

Large, larger, largest business-case i took with me, sometimes with a back-pack like since a had to relieve my arms from time to time. And with the ever growing space in these bags, the stuff i took with me grew accordingly.

Looking to myself i realized that more and more my office is where my business-bag is. At least i thought this was the case.
Nowadays with the mobilisation of allmost everything, also things get smaller, more “multi”, batterytime is growing and connected time is almost into the “-anywhere-arena”.

So we it seems we are on the right track, IF one wants to be conected all the time.
This is to question, but that might be another post, but there is allways this “off” button, no ?

For now i just want to share the fact that i realized that due to technical improvements the things I do, the way i work, the communication i am looking for has got a lot easier, and less pinpointed to one spot we call “office”. So my “office is where my bag is, or better my office is where my iPhone and iPad is, nowadays.

In my opinion we are entering the next era of connectivity, where “no matter what, no matter when, no matter where” we CAN be connected. More on this soon, since this askes for solutions for this.
Anyway i think this doesn’t make me a Digital Native, nore a Digital Immigrant but i like to refer to it as a Digital Nomad

Realizing all this made me alter my signature in my e-mails, inspired for the “typo-thing” by mailing with Marc Hodosh, into :

Kind regards,

Lucien Engelen

Sent by i-something : As for my life as a “Mobile Nomad” please excuse brevity and typos.Save



Lucien Engelen

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