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Dancing in tha’ Street

And now something completely different, sometimes you’ve got to show you’re fatherly pride ;-).  

Our daughter (@melindaengelen) made it with her team through the Dutch Open Championship up until the third place. Great huh !

So now they’ve qualified for the World Championship 2010 in Blackpool (UK),  organized by United Dance Organisation August 28th.

They want to raise as many money themselves, so they don’t have to ask their parents a lot of money, NICE ;-)))

So Melinda (the girl in the right pointing to their award) asked me if i could help them with making a little video-clip and lend some other hands.

Melting for her charms (as always) we’ve made a Dutch Website and a video clip for her team Un-Restricted aswell as for the team of her danceschool-teacher and owner of School of Dance The Big Experience named N-sanity.

This team also qualified for a chance to show up in the movie Step-Up 3D, so may be you give them a little help and vote for the last video. (the one with the team in the blue lights)

So, have a look at the Teaser video i’ve made for both of the teams : (exit father-mode 😉


And also we’ve made a clip of this whole dance-act.(one of the many they’ve got).



Lucien Engelen

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