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Patients improve healthcare by setting up guidelines themselves


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Starting this month, patients themselves how a guideline for health care providers should look like. Freya, the patient for couples with fertility problems, and the UMC St Radboud have jointly developed a website (press here for Google translation of website)with recommendations for proper care for these couples. Patients can self new recommendations to add or change existing recommendations. They can also assign a score to the recommendations.The recommendations that patients consider most important are new and used directly for updating guidelines. 
The developed system is also useful guidelines for other areas of concern.


For the treatment of virtually all medical problems are guidelines and protocols. There are now thousands. They are developed and managed by national and international health organizations, medical associations and umbrella organizations. The direct involvement of this patient has so far been minimal. There is now changed. Members of patient Freya, together with fertility experts from the UMC St Radboud developed a method for making recommendations for patient guidelines. These are for the entire network of professionals involved in fertility issues involved. So, not only for IVF doctors or gynecologists, but also for general practitioners, urologists, psychologists and educators. The recommendations thus have been established, can be found on a website , which launched this month.

Patients at the helm.

Patients themselves at the helm in developing the new website. They design and functions put forward. The website is divided into seven phases of care: general care, physician, obstetrician / fertility doctor, urologist, laboratory, and other emotional support. 

Patients with fertility problems in different care stages add recommendations and indicate how important they find the recommendations. Per care phase, the five recommendations the highest score, will become part of the guidelines. Guidelines remain current and ongoing security of patient participation is guaranteed. 
The development of the website is made possible by a grant from ZonMw.




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