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Ties, 82 years : twitters.


His daughter advised him 15 months ago to twitter. Also made a blog for him. The latter was not a success, too much work, he says. But the twittering is fun even more. Since then, regular irregular Ties is available on Twitter. Regular since these contacts he does not want to miss. Irregularly : in the middle of night because he sometimes he can be found at 3 or 5 AM: “If I can not sleep eh!”

Ties and i met at the Seminar “Elderly in (Social) Media” by @incompanymedia of @lucasvroemen of a beautiful castle in Limburg for the first time “in real life”. Almost from the beginning 15 months ago on twitter I contacted him, his daughter introduced him on Twitter.
We agreed beforehand that I would do a  brief video interview with him. About Twitter, aging, what good is, how hard and how much fun.



On the way out, he proved himself again realist. “To Twitter” I called after him. Ties turned around and came back: “Once I’m gone, then you get all my last tweet, just someone else pushed SEND”.




Lucien Engelen

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