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Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0 : a systematic review published in JMIR

Last friday our systematic review published in JMIR got published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR)

A while ago i wondered what people would consider Health 2.0 or Medicine 2.0 and sat down about this matter with one of my junior research fellows Tom van de Belt ( @tom_zorg20 ) and started looking at the vast amount of “definitions”. It was only few weeks later we agreed to set up a systematic review on these term and maybe even publish a new one, covering all the aspects of the ones we’ve found. also this might be needed since over time, processes evolve. 

Since this whole process of evolution from health 1.0 up until Participatory Healthcare has become one of the key points of our Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre and my personal mission or dream.

During the process of making this review one of my other research fellows Sivera Berben ( @sivera_zorg20 ) did put in her “50cents” as well and made the review stronger and more complete. Also the help of Lisette Schoonhoven (@Lisette_IQHC) was more than welcome, her great expertise helped out a lot.

But : Tom did the job, he did a great job. we’ve talked and talked in the beginning about how the research would be done, what we did see as differences in the “definitions” and how it evolves over time. Tom every time again, took a deep dive into the articles, and every article i came across and tossed in, sometimes led to a different approach.

So now it’s there, it’s our first step in this journey, although our study of the use of social media in European Hospitals is already another, that soon (after newly updated data) will lead to a nice published article. 

So how about THE definition ? Well, our approach to this will be new, not done before and soon to be revealed i.e. right here 😉  Based of course on our review :


so … to be cont’d …



UPDATE  July, 29th 2010 : we’ve started crowdsourcing with a questionnaire :


Lucien Engelen

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