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Daily prescription for every healthcare professional

Everyone should know the power that comes from patient blogs. On a daily basis in our own Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, people are writing, sharing, asking about the things they encounter, experience and feel.

For me the weblog of Maarten was an eye-opener as i wrote earlier, but every day i try to read one or more “patient-blogs” from all over the world. 

Today i read the posting of Gaston, the father of Emilie, his daughter who has cancer and as of today is bold. My heart cries (google translation), he wrote, and reading his post and blog (pointed to by @punkmedia) at that point this “big guy” here is once again with two feet on the ground. Silence, this isn’t supposed to be this way for a little kid. 

Every healthcare professional should read at least once a day an patient-blog, wether or not from his own facility, just to constantly understand what com-passion is al about. Com-passion is not feeling 

As for Emilie; i hope she’ll get well of course. I’m certain her doc’s and other staff are doing all they can.

Her parents Gaston and Cecile : i would like praise you Heroes for the “guts” to share in a weblog, not only for good advices, and helping other patients and their family or informal care. Also for sharing your thoughts and emotions. But also to help Healthcare professionals reading what’s at stake, what’s going on, and what’s important. And yes, many many Healthcare professionals don’t need that, but “some” do, that’s worth it.

Only then we can improve healthcare besides research, and medicine into Participatory Healthcare.






Lucien Engelen

5 replies

  1. I am afraid a lot of people have experienced the opposite…Many healthcare professionals DO need it, only a few don’t… There is still a lot to be learned!

  2. I like your post very much and encourage the subject and energy. However, I disagree on your last line "And yes, many many Healthcare professionals don’t need that, but "some" do, that’s worth it." Most of the professionals definitely need to learn more about their patients’ experiences and emotions. To learn that a patient is not number "x" with a disease they treat daily, but forget that for the patient it mostly is a first experience and NEED and expect guidance and compassion from the doc!

  3. agree with you on the goal Maaike, but on the other hand i like to think that none of the Doc’s, Nurses and others have choosen to work in HC to NOT work with people. But somewhere on the line sometimes things go wrong. THAT is what puzzles me, trying to find out what and how to prevent this. One of my hunches is that the routine workflow, in conjunction with more and more less time is one of it. So what IF we could provide more of the standardized work in to electronic systems, what if patients are to be more participating, and what if we could engage more family and informal care ? I think working in HC will be more "fun", no ?so : En Garde, there is work to do 😉

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