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Medicine 2.0 goes Global and starts where Europe was born : Maastricht

As you may know we are working hard to REshape the healthcare in the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre.

In our ambition to support our staff in this voyage we use a toolbox we called REshape. Various tools are part of it, and one of them are the REshape conferences.
March 17th we will be hosting our third edition in Nijmegen, in a joined effort with the Health Valley event. The first two (March 2009 and october 2009)  acted mainly on the communications fields.
The REshape 2010 spring edition will focus on mingling Healthcare professionals and e-health business, since both have to mix a bit more given the big challenges for the upcoming years. Also we will present our first 10 Digital Clinics out of about 35 planned for this year, heading for 300+ next year. 

Given our our Boards’ vision we can’t cope alone with the opportunities and pitfalls in the next years we want to share a lot. So all our conferences are open to all other healthcare professionals, and so is our online community on Health 2.0 / Participatory Healthcare which we will launch on March 17th at REshape 2010 Spring. Besides a blog it also will embed a library on e-health / Participatory Healthcare of scientific papers and discussions. It will start with on or two focusses and will grow very fast to at least the 1000+ we have been selecting already. (for now it is hosted at, and has a google translate option, but it soon,  before March 17th, will be moved to another url.

Talking to my dear colleagues at University of Twente (UT) and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) we’ve tossed in the ambition to send a proposal to Gunter Eysenbachs’ Request for Proposal for the first European version of Medicine 2.0. 

Over the past weeks we have been discussing our plan and ambition with his’  and we are happy to announce that we were able to match. 

So here we are, Medicine 2.0 Europe 2010 will be hosted in Maastricht The Netherlands from November 29th and 30th 2010 on the very spot Europe was born by signing the Treaty of Europe in 1992.

Looking from a global perspective for 2010 there will be only one Medicine 2.0 so we shifted the original dates a little to November 29th and 30th 2010, to work around dates like Thanksgiving. 

For us this conference will act as the REshape 2010 Fall edition of course, the exact format, program etc will follow. 
We are working on things like call for abstracts, program etc which will be published at the original Medicine 2.0 website We will publish our plans on this website, central theme will be “Innovation in Healthcare”

Also be sure to follow  @medicine20 about special information about this EU version. 
Hope to see you all there !


Lucien Engelen

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