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Will Apple’s iPad change Healthcare ?

Today Apple introduced their newest innovation : the iPad.
It seems to me this device could bring a lot of health related information to the docs, nurses and bedside terminals for patiënts on a large scale.
Not only it is light-weighted, is fairly also on the hygiënic perspective and brings enough imaging power to take-away. Enough network-option to stay in touch with base, and a software platform to develop app’s for specific needs.
Just some idea’s  (which more can you add ?):

  1. doctor-terminal  for grand rounds
  2. EHR reviews  and mutations
  3. examine x-rays at patient bedsides
  4. nurseterminal
  5. care plan edits
  6. histology-reviews
  7. patient information centre
  8. menu-ordering for patients
  9. realtime EHR editing
  10. in house second opinion or expert consulting

Updates (including some interesting links) will be updating these, as they come by bold is last updates:

Nice Hands-on:

I’m curious if this new device will change computer-scene for healthcare the way the Iphone did for the mobile market, and where we stand in lets say a year.

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Lucien Engelen

42 replies

  1. – Synchronized appointments between Patients/Customers and Doctors and field professionals.- Translation interface (google translate) for non native language.- Video tutorials for trainees- Video instructions what to do e.g. how to handle epileptic attack or how to use a defribillator

  2. @ictzorgen Device will not change HC, but the opportunities that come with it, will. iPhone díd changed the game, but not HC of course, due to formfactor. Think PC did changed it HC, mHealth – as i consider this part of- will to in the end.

  3. @hocusbocus I dont see it changing HC, drastically, it’s another mobile computing device; Fujitsu, Seimens and others have had HC tablets in hospitals for a while. What will be interesting is to see if medical diagnostics and devices will commiunicate with each other in order to offer faster and more accurate diagnosis and safer treatment regimes. The best use may to provide interactive patient education at the bedside for their condition, treatment, pre-op or post op procedures.#health, #pharma, #hcsmeu

  4. @Zorg20 Intel’s Mobile Clinical Assistant, was based on ethnographic research patient. They analysed all possble use cases at the point of care, but after 4 years I don’t see great adoption.So why having a different expectations with Apple’s new consumer device? The success of Apple’s iPhone and iPod was the Eco-System they have build around it. It is my opinion, that IT will revolutionize the hospital staff’s workflow, untill IT is that pervasive and so deeply integrated in their workflow, that the discussion around the user interface is irrelevant. Context awareness, linking changes in the environment with computer systems, which are otherwise static will bring a bigger change than Microsoft’s surface or Apple’s ipad will.

  5. I’m still in doubt. From an IT perspective it is "just" a very fancy, portable terminal. Anything you can think of in a normal tablet or desktop PC could be done next to the bed or while visiting patients at home. This opens up opportunities for education to patients, colleagues, data entry, you name it. Could be interesting as I assume it has the best and easiest to learn UI (perfect for any user, including HC workers). And I suspect nice connectivity, though that could be a problem with some EHR systems out there. But will HC workers go for it?

  6. @swisshealth20 it’s especially the ecosystem that will make a difference here is my take on it. The iPad allows for a publicly accesibly ecosystem (using iPad/iPhone SDKs) – that’s a radical change from the close ecosystems that devices like Intel’s Mobile Clinical Assistant allow.It surely will not go at large speed, but my hunch is that it will go at larger speed than the iphone, just as Lucien said, because of the difference in form factor. The iPhone is great for reference stuff (guides, howtos, etctera) the iPad also is great for input (charts, documents etcetera) and output (again charts, but also medical images etc).Looking forward to seeing the HC use cases for the iPad!

  7. last try: I guess the SDK’s could make a difference, but still the main issue of clinical staff is that productivity (work on patient) is <40%. Our research has detected that it won’t be a user interface that will make the difference. It’s process automation, based on a contect aware environment. I must admit that technology that is that pervasive, that you can’t see it anymore is half as fancy as apple’s incredible user interface. PS: Intel’s clinical assistant, can be wiped clean with disinfectant to reduce the spread of germs as nurses and physicians move among patients and can be dropped on the floor from 1.5m altitude.

  8. It’s all about the right "thing" at the right time, at the right place. Also there are IMHO some other (r)evolutions that could drive this a little more, like multi-media at bedside including internet. Just a simple example, perhaps nobody will say "yep thats me", but still : Do you really as a doc ant to be running around with a paper notebook, while patient is vastly looking up things as you tell him to, or do you want to show him or her, on YOUR terminal. Off course it’s just IT-hardware, but was the iPhone "just" another phone ?Sure there are more hardware systems, but have you ever tried to implement these systems in healthcare, i did ! and i will think twice before to start again. So why my enthusiasm now and here. It’s all about timing. EHR, web 2.0, Participatory Healthcare, demographics of patients-population, and it’s sexy.@maarten : come and see 😉

  9. It will not change but only sets a standard. Usability is big problem in hospitals, nursing staff that don’t know how to use a pc! ps: you guys are fast 🙂 @swisshealth20 and the way of controlling the interface?

  10. You might be true about the timing (let’s say I hope so) but my bet would it’s still 1-2 years to early for it to be integrated fully. Frontrunners will use it surely, but laggers might wait and then use the iPad to replace old TVs + internet terminals + paper charts at bedsides. What about every patient that has an iPad mounted/connected to his bed. Not significantly more chance of germ spreading than current paper charts and it could also double as TV, internet terminal etctera.@zorg20 come and see? Are you now implying you have an iPad lying around in your office over there? In that case, see you tomorrow 😉

  11. Yes,it will take some time, but it comes at a very good timing. And yes there will be silicon sleeves to prevent damage after falling, but really $499, is a lot of money in general but from a IT perspective it changes "some" things also, no ?When it comes to timing it could sync perfectly with the way Health 2.0 and Participatory Healthcare is running IMO : as shown i.e. in this video. about the in hospital navigation options, with Streetview video’s to guide patients through diagnostics.With the GUI-options that apple made big as on iPhone and SDK, everyone, and for every specific need on behalf of a disease there can be a special GUI’s i.e. large keyboard, motion control, interactive training.@maarten nope, will be used in HC soon, very soon 😉 Keep you posted.

  12. The iPad won’t change whole HealthCare but it sure can help the way people are working in hospitals. Last few years I’ve had a lot of questions for good PC’s or tablets next to beds. This surely has the opportunity to fill the gap

  13. @roel Yes, of course, but weren’t there phones before the iPhone ?the current tablet lack durable power, light weight, and are very expensive. @zdavatz Yes it’ll cost if it drops, think there will be cases, sleeves etc to prevent may be ? Heavy, it’s less heavy than carrying many patient-files@svanlesas no it won’t change whole helathcare but based on timing and other developments in HC, could be boosted by or boosting these don’t you think ?

  14. Well, indeed, the XT2 is a kilo heavier and a few hours difference in up-time. And yes, more expensive too. But it is a complete laptop with a normal keyboard and 12,1".So, a light pad is nice for browsing and viewing information, and showing it to clients. But for lots of typing (electronic dossiers?) it might be handier to have a complete keyboard with you.If enough people support it with cool initiatives, enough is possible. It will certainly boost developments in healthcare.

  15. Maarten, i don’t see how the MCA can be described as a closed ecosystem when it allows Windows and Linux to be run on it and can take advantage of almost all the healthcare apps currently in use around the world. The iPad is a nice tablet, but lacks much of the functionality useful for healthcare, in particular lack of multitasking, which is something all healthcare workers do. Imagine turning of IM when you want to browse the web, or not having access to Google when reviewing a document you don’t understand.

  16. Brian, I think you are spot on with your assessment. iPad supporters all seem to be talking about things they HOPE the iPad will do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually DO any of those things. Tablet PCs have been around for 5+ years and made the exact same promises. The iPad will struggle for the exact same reasons – software. There is no CCHIT certified software that makes healthcare hold hands and sing kumbaya. I’ve got another <a href="">10 reasons why the iPad won’t be deployed in health care</a> if you’ve got the time.

  17. Nice discussion here 😉 Seems to me there’s some different perspectives here, and most certainly not a definitive conclusion to my question if the iPad wether or not will be changing Healthcare. Sure, there are more tablets, and yes there are pro’s and con’s for all of them. My point right here is; there might be a change in the environment, culture, tech-savvyness of docs, and most of all things that come together that make use of tablets, in general, and the iPad in particular to get "mainstream" ?

  18. Thank you Lucien for the link. Especially the discussion is very interesting. I much appreciated the remark that the talk is about what people hope the iPad will do. BTW the same is true about your remark on timing: “It’s all about timing. EHR, web 2.0, Participatory Healthcare, demographics of patients-population, and it’s sexy”. That is also a dream, a dream of how healtcare might change. The problem with us, who think of and work at these technological aspects and innovations be it EHR or mhealth is that we sometimes forget that the majority of caregivers and the very large majority of patients don’t even know what we are talking about.As long as simple wearable heart monitoring devices do not get massively used, I don’t think a tablet PC with limited functionality will change healthcare. I even doubt if it will change the way professionals work. It is the old problem, what should be first, the tools or the knowledge? IMO, awareness and knowledge will have to lead the way, the implementation and use of tools will than follow. Does this mean that these kinds of new technical developments are lacking necessity? On the contrary, they will help modify the perception and awareness of people. But their impact will be indirect(See:

  19. IPad is not intended to replace computer in anyway.It however does a lot of things which a computer does and surprisingly it does better and faster.Ipad is an amazing invention from apple.It has many flaws and drawbacks too.Apple should consider those things.It doesnt have camera even.I usually shop on this <a href=’′>online shopping</a> site for ipad when i came acros with different blogs.Do check it out for many other products.Ipad and blackberry books are both the same.Blackberry book comes with many new feature while ipad lacks sum functions.

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