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Today we’ve poured some concrete for our digital house.

It’s a first start in our ambition to also built a virtual hospital next to our “IRL hospital”. Because it should be there and because we want it to be a single one-stop-and-go place for patients to search and find. Everyone is welcome in our completely new “Digital Home”.

Just some numbers: 
• Age 13-34 years: 99% use the Internet almost 11 hours per week 
• 84% visit “Dr Google” before she visits the doctor himself 
• 63% of the 50 + ers is nearly 4 hours per week online 

How different is the way from what the CEO of IBM in 1943 has predicted that there would be space for 5 computers, worldwide! 
It is impossible to think about a society without internet nowadays. At this time still on our computers or laptops, but increasingly through our mobile phones (smart phones). By 2013 will access to the Internet through smart phones catch up to access the (desktop or laptop)computers. 

Patients and their family are searching the Internet and find information about their disease (process). Because much information from hospitals is still in leaflets and print, and the website is often just supposed to be “their” job, patients find everything maybe on sites of which the question is whether the information is correct end independent. So as healthcare we really shoud look into the mirror at first.
Patients want to interact with us, in an interactive way, and have a real “conversation” with us, characteristic of a two-sided conversation that is, sending and receiving. 

Also multimedia in the present day (a day when 65,000 videos on YouTube come on) no longer imagine. 
Our old website obviously did not meet those requirements, so we also based our digital projection to those for whom we are: the patient and his or her family. 

Our new website is not only a fundamental change, but also the foundation, filled up with vast concrete upon which we will build our digital home, a house where reliable information can be found easily in various forms. A house in which is thought from the perspective of the patient and the family. The upcoming period we will build on these foundations by. 

During our upcoming Reshape conference March 17 in Nijmegen, we will present our Digital My Clinic and MyRadboud, a place where once again the patient-centered. Both have their place in this new website. 

The next -say- 3 years to come, the role of the Internet will be a key concern for us as an ambition to make healthcare better, REshaping it, but more importantly the patients will step by step, more and more get involved in his or her own illness.Since, lets face it, THEY finally, are the real experts in HAVING this disease. Together with them we will improve. 

Our people from the ICT, communication, information, medical professionals and our departments have worked hard in recent months on this great new website. 

• 453 diseases are (re)described 
• 150 investigations and treatments (re)described 
• 774 papers and edited where necessary, rewritten in more understandable language 
• 979 patients flyers posted 
• 100 courses added 
• etc etc 

I’m very proud to have the opertunity to work with them. They’ve been very dedicated into this day by day, by night and even in weekends to get it to this level. Chapeau for all of you, and a great thank you for them on behalf of the patients.

So it’s finished, that website?, Ready? Nope, never ! We’ve only just started into this area so you will hear, see and read about us, that’s a promise. Furthermore, our colleagues will facilitate referrals to our house also to be digitally accessible, thus clearing thresholds. 

Also there’s a new business card made of our UMC St Radboud, a digital business card that is. In the website you will find our new Corporate-video, so you know what we do, who does it and for whom we are doing this, just in case you have forgotten  ðŸ˜‰ 
Of course this video can be shared through social media like YouTube, iPhones and other modern techniques. 

Maybe it’s best to quote Francis :

Start with the essentials. Then do the possible. 
And then suddenly you just do the impossible.


on you can come in and join us.

You’re most welcome !


Lucien Engelen

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