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Are you sure about the metrics you are using in keynotes, discussions and weblogs, and are they the latest ?

Well i’m for one not always sure for that, and of course am using delicious to get a hold on the correct metrics and researches.

But, we are a community right ? So why don’t we start bringing these two gether and try to get at least one place to collect and point to the authors, giving them the credits, use the correct numbers and get inspiration from these researches and metrics to do our job.

So i’ve set up a google doc to do just this, no wave ? Nope, no wave; not only it’s in beta, but also not everybody (knows how to do) the works So a Wave may be in a later fase. The metrics are published right here

We will soon (as in january 1st) start a community about Health 2.0 (basically in Dutch but translated by google) , or as we prefer the next step to be Participatory Healthcare. A community to share, seek, find, talk inspire and hopefully improve healthcare REshaping the future : (google translation from Dutch, site will be moved as of jan 1st,2010, but url will stay the same)

This for us is the combination of Participatory Medicine and healthcare supported by technology. November 2010 there will be a big conference about this in Maastricht.


Lucien Engelen

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